L & J Press Parts

L & J Press parts

Sparky's Machine Repair LLC just aqcuired the rights to make L & J Press Corporation parts.

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Since 1981, Sparky's Machine Repair LLC has built a reputation all over the United States for outstanding knowledge and repairing capabilites for all types and sizes of industrial machinery.  We provide personalized care to our customers, listening to their needs and really appreciating their business, something that other companies do not do these days.  We are a small company that cares about it's customers.


Sparky's Machine Repair LLC is an industrial machinery repair company.  Repairing all types and sizes of machines, including any and all electrical repairs needed.  Check out our services page for more info. 

L & J Press parts are now being offered as well.  We have all the capabilities to manufacture any part needed for your L & J Press. Check out our L & J parts page for more info.